exif: PHP parsing library

This page hosts a formal specification of exif using Kaitai Struct. This specification can be automatically translated into a variety of programming languages to get a parsing library.

PHP source code to parse exif


// This is a generated file! Please edit source .ksy file and use kaitai-struct-compiler to rebuild

class Exif extends \Kaitai\Struct\Struct {
    public function __construct(\Kaitai\Struct\Stream $_io, \Kaitai\Struct\Struct $_parent = null, \Exif $_root = null) {
        parent::__construct($_io, $_parent, $_root);

    private function _read() {
        $this->_m_endianness = $this->_io->readU2le();
        switch ($this->endianness()) {
            case 18761:
                $this->_m_body = new \ExifLe($this->_io);
            case 19789:
                $this->_m_body = new \ExifBe($this->_io);
    protected $_m_endianness;
    protected $_m_body;
    public function endianness() { return $this->_m_endianness; }
    public function body() { return $this->_m_body; }