Hashcat Restore file: format specification

File extension


KS implementation details

License: CC0-1.0

This page hosts a formal specification of Hashcat Restore file using Kaitai Struct. This specification can be automatically translated into a variety of programming languages to get a parsing library.

Block diagram

Format specification in Kaitai Struct YAML

  id: hashcat_restore
  title: Hashcat Restore file
  file-extension: restore
  license: CC0-1.0
  endian: le
doc-ref: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=restore
  - id: version
    type: u4
  - id: cwd
    type: strz
    size: 256
    encoding: UTF-8
  - id: dicts_pos
    type: u4
  - id: masks_pos
    type: u4
  - id: padding
    size: 4
  - id: current_restore_point
    type: u8
  - id: argc
    type: u4
  - id: padding2
    size: 12
  - id: argv
    type: strz
    encoding: UTF-8
    terminator: 0x0A
    repeat: expr
    repeat-expr: argc