SPECtrum Processing Routines Data Format 3/4/88: Lua parsing library

Specpr records are fixed format, 1536 bytes/record. Record number counting starts at 0. Binary data are in IEEE format real numbers and non-byte swapped integers (compatiible with all Sun Microsystems, and Hewlett Packard workstations (Intel and some DEC machines are byte swapped relative to Suns and HPs). Each record may contain different information according to the following scheme.

You can get some library of spectra from ftp://ftpext.cr.usgs.gov/pub/cr/co/denver/speclab/pub/spectral.library/splib06.library/

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License: Unlicense

This page hosts a formal specification of SPECtrum Processing Routines Data Format 3/4/88 using Kaitai Struct. This specification can be automatically translated into a variety of programming languages to get a parsing library.

Lua source code to parse SPECtrum Processing Routines Data Format 3/4/88