wmf: format specification

This page hosts a formal specification of wmf using Kaitai Struct. This specification can be automatically translated into a variety of programming languages to get a parsing library.

Block diagram

Format specification in Kaitai Struct YAML

  id: wmf
  endian: le
  # http://www.digitalpreservation.gov/formats/digformatspecs/WindowsMetafileFormat(wmf)Specification.pdf
  - id: special_hdr
    type: special_header
  - id: header
    type: wmf_header
  - id: records
    type: record
    repeat: until
    repeat-until: _.function == func::eof
      - id: magic
        contents: [0xd7, 0xcd, 0xc6, 0x9a]
      - id: handle
        contents: [0, 0]
      - id: left
        type: s2
      - id: top
        type: s2
      - id: right
        type: s2
      - id: bottom
        type: s2
      - id: inch
        type: u2
      - id: reserved
        contents: [0, 0, 0, 0]
      - id: checksum
        type: u2
      - id: type
        type: u2
        enum: metafile_type
      - id: header_size
        type: u2
      - id: version
        type: u2
      - id: size
        type: u4
      - id: number_of_objects
        type: u2
      - id: max_record
        type: u4
      - id: number_of_members
        type: u2
        # section 2.1.20
        1: memory_metafile
        2: disk_metafile
      - id: size
        type: u4
      - id: function
        type: u2
        enum: func
      - id: params
        size: (size - 3) * 2
    0x0000: eof
    0x0035: realizepalette
    0x0037: setpalentries
    0x0102: setbkmode
    0x0103: setmapmode
    0x0104: setrop2
    0x0105: setrelabs
    0x0106: setpolyfillmode
    0x0107: setstretchbltmode
    0x0108: settextcharextra
    0x0127: restoredc
    0x0139: resizepalette
    0x0142: dibcreatepatternbrush
    0x0149: setlayout
    0x0201: setbkcolor
    0x0209: settextcolor
    0x0211: offsetviewportorg
    0x0213: lineto
    0x0214: moveto
    0x0220: offsetcliprgn
    0x0228: fillregion
    0x0231: setmapperflags
    0x0234: selectpalette
    0x0324: polygon
    0x0325: polyline
    0x020a: settextjustification
    0x020b: setwindoworg
    0x020c: setwindowext
    0x020d: setviewportorg
    0x020e: setviewportext
    0x020f: offsetwindoworg
    0x0410: scalewindowext
    0x0412: scaleviewportext
    0x0415: excludecliprect
    0x0416: intersectcliprect
    0x0418: ellipse
    0x0419: floodfill
    0x0429: frameregion
    0x0436: animatepalette
    0x0521: textout
    0x0538: polypolygon
    0x0548: extfloodfill
    0x041b: rectangle
    0x041f: setpixel
    0x061c: roundrect
    0x061d: patblt
    0x001e: savedc
    0x081a: pie
    0x0b23: stretchblt
    0x0626: escape
    0x012a: invertregion
    0x012b: paintregion
    0x012c: selectclipregion
    0x012d: selectobject
    0x012e: settextalign
    0x0817: arc
    0x0830: chord
    0x0922: bitblt
    0x0a32: exttextout
    0x0d33: setdibtodev
    0x0940: dibbitblt
    0x0b41: dibstretchblt
    0x0f43: stretchdib
    0x01f0: deleteobject
    0x00f7: createpalette
    0x01f9: createpatternbrush
    0x02fa: createpenindirect
    0x02fb: createfontindirect
    0x02fc: createbrushindirect
    0x06ff: createregion