xwd (X Window Dump) bitmap image: Lua parsing library

xwd is a file format written by eponymous X11 screen capture application (xwd stands for "X Window Dump"). Typically, an average user transforms xwd format into something more widespread by any of xwdtopnm and pnmto... utilities right away.

xwd format itself provides a raw uncompressed bitmap with some metainformation, like pixel format, width, height, bit depth, etc. Note that technically format includes machine-dependent fields and thus is probably a poor choice for true cross-platform usage.



KS implementation details

License: CC0-1.0

This page hosts a formal specification of xwd (X Window Dump) bitmap image using Kaitai Struct. This specification can be automatically translated into a variety of programming languages to get a parsing library.

Lua source code to parse xwd (X Window Dump) bitmap image